After caring for patients in the sacramento community for 48 years, dr. kingsley retired in 2022

Thank you for your dedication and a legacy of friendship 

Dr. George Kingsley - Retired Dentist in Sacramento

Hello to all our wonderful patients,

One of our goals when we purchased and remodeled our building in 2018 was to bring in a younger dentist to eventually take over for Dr. Kingsley and care for our patients full-time upon his retirement. Unexpectedly, Dr. Kingsley underwent open-heart surgery in 2021. While he’s doing very well now, it was a frightening time. Many of you visited our office for cleanings during this period, and Dr. Kingsley deeply appreciated all the love and prayers you sent. During his recovery, we were fortunate to receive help from Dr. Tex and his fiancée (now wife), Dr. Tiffany. They provided high-quality, comfortable care to our patients during this challenging time.

After seeing how well Dr. Tex took care of our patients during those difficult times, Dr. Kingsley is now ready to retire. He is delighted to welcome Dr. Tex Mabalon as the new practice owner as of February 1, 2022. We have observed Dr. Tex’s work and are confident that he is a skilled and compassionate dentist whom we highly recommend. In fact, he is now Dr. Kingsley’s family dentist! We feel grateful to have him here to continue delivering exceptional dental care. We’re also excited that Dr. Tex is qualified to provide advanced implant placement procedures in-office.

Dr. Tex is passionate about dentistry and continually invests in ways to better treat his patients. He recently completed a two-year immersion in implant training, culminating in hands-on implant placement procedures in the Dominican Republic. As a lifelong learner, we are confident that he will continue to introduce new technology and techniques to our practice. Additionally, it is his personal mission to create a fun and trusting environment for his patients. We resonate with his calm and friendly demeanor and appreciate his honest opinions.

You may catch a glimpse of Dr. Kingsley as he wanders through the office and garden, but nowadays, we are enjoying our retirement by traveling the world, discovering new snorkeling spots, and spending time with our dog Daisy. Dr. Kingsley sleeps well and is at peace with his retirement, knowing you are in excellent hands under the care of Dr. Tex Mabalon.


Dr. George Kinsgley and Tammie Kingsley

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